Melanie C

Northern Star
Beautiful Intentions
This Time



The Greatest Hits Melanie C

01. Next Best Superstar
02. Goin' Down [Radio Version]
03. May Your Heart
04. Never Be The Same Again [Radio Edit]
05. On the Horizon [Radio Mix]
06. When You're Gone [Lp Version]
07. If That Were Me [Greatest Version]
08. Better Alone [Violin Edit]
09. Carolyna
10. Don't Let Me Go [Greatest Edit]
11. I Want Candy [Greatest Edit]
12. Here It Comes Again [Marius de Vries Version]
13. The Moment You Believe
14. Melt
15. This Time [Single Version]
16. Let's Love
17. Understand [Alternate Version]
18. Yeh, Yeh, Yeh [Radio Mix]
19. I Turn To You [Album Edit]
20. First Day Of My Life [Greatest Edit]
21. Northern Star [Full Version]


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