Emma Bunton

A Girl Like Me
Free Me
Life In Mono



Secrets: The Ultimate Collection - CD 01

01. Downtown
02. What Took You So Long [TV Edit - Full Playback]
03. I'm Not Crying Over Yesterdays [Radio Mix] [Previously Unreleased]
04. Don't Know [Edit] - Damage feat. Emma Bunton
05. Secrets [Previously Unreleased]
06. I Need to Know [Radio Edit]
07. What I Am [Radio Version] - Tin Tin Out feat. Emma Bunton
08. Sometimes [From the Chicken She Soundtrack]
09. Take Me To Another Town [Radio Mix]
10. Crazy Beautiful [Previously Unreleased]
11. Crickets Sing for Anamaria
12. In Another Life [Previously Unreleased]
13. Spell It O.U.T. [Demo]
14. Ladylike [Previously Unreleased]
15. I'll Be There
16. To Have And To Have To Let Go [Previously Unreleased]
17. Take My Breath Away [Single Mix]
18. Crazy [Previously Unreleased]
19. Maybe [Vox TV Edit]
20. We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight [Radio Mix]
21. Free Me [Radio Edit]
22. Baby Love [Live Party At The Palace] (Bonus Track)
23. 2 Become 1 [Acoustic Live] (Bonus Track)


Secrets: The B-Sides, Remix e Live Collection - CD 02

01. Who the Hell Are You
02. (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind
03. Don't Tell Me You Love Anymore
04. Merry-Go Round
05. Tomorrow
06. So Long
07. Let Your Baby Show You How To Move
08. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
09. Eso Beso
10. Invincible
11. Taking It Easy
12. Something Tells Me (Something's Going To Happen)
13. Close Encounter
14. Midnight and Martinis
15. So Nice (Summer Samba)
16. Downtown [Element Radio Edit]
17. Maybe [Illicit Radio Edit]
18. All I Need to Know [Bimbo Jones Vocal Remix Radio Edit]
19. Free Me [Full Intentions Sultra Radio Edit]
20. Let's Face the Music and Dance [Live]
21. A World Without You [Acoustic Live]


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